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does anyone know what happened to this girl?  
13th-Feb-2012 08:18 pm
she was 'she-demon' on tumblr, and just disappeared/deactivated off the face of the earth, i used to be friends with her on tumblr, and pretty much wonder what happened and if she's alright. she's pretty much the most gorgeous girl in the universe, but besides that i miss her posts hah, any help is greatly appreciated ? thank you stalkers <3!


<img src="tumblr_lg0it4ilFy1qei1hvo1_400.jpg">

<img src="tumblr_ll8xy0ymAY1qei1hvo1_r1_500.jpg">

<img src="tumblr_lhwtwetXbh1qei1hvo1_500.jpg">
24th-May-2012 01:42 pm (UTC)
she's devilette on tumblr now
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