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14th-Mar-2015 12:47 pm - I need help!

Does anyone know where I can find this shirt!?
28th-Sep-2014 04:05 am - Oddities
I used to be a member of this community way-back-when with a different username. I'm hoping the community is still helpful in the same wide variety of topics, because:

I NEEEEED to know where, in the episode called "Heads or Fails" of Oddities, what market are they shopping at?! I can't seem to find out anywhere by googling, and I need to find these dealers! I go to an antiques festival in NH, but I need to know where these amazing oddities dealers are, because they have nothing like this at the market I go to.

If you have any idea, or if you know what markets other dealers that sell medical/quack medical stuff go to, please let me know! I'm in the market for anything medical and generally weird stuff!

Please and thank you so much
27th-May-2014 05:35 pmNo Subject.
I need this hoodie!!
Read more...Collapse )

If anyone knows either this guy's name/ model profile/ basically anything where I can see his tattoos more clearly, or the name of his artist.


Was wondering if anyone had ordered from migostar.com? they sell knockoff tiffany jewelry gucci etc from china. Anyone had any luck with that or know where to get knockoff tiffanys?
28th-May-2013 03:33 pmNo Subject.
Hey guys. Since this community is no longer active (at least I think so?), I'm going to make it so you can just post entries without needing to be rejected/accepted. If it gets out of hand, I'll change it back, but I doubt it.
1st-Nov-2012 08:27 pmNo Subject.
Can anybody tell me where I could find these pants, or what they're called? I need them in my life. xDD


I've seen jackets that look similar, but I am looking for this EXACT coat. I am in love, and am determined to buy it. Please help.
7th-Jan-2013 11:02 am - Who is this girl?
Who is this (on LJ)?

I'm taking this picture to my hairdresser and am wondering if there are more pictures I can bring for a better view. Thanks! And x-posted a few places.

hereCollapse )
7th-Jan-2013 04:40 pm - Looking for this purse
Either that purse or one like it.
9th-Jan-2013 02:17 pm - Dresses
Dear mad, rad, stalkers, I'm in need of your help! I've been looking for these two dresses for ages (with no success so far):

a) tumblr_mb01gaEoGT1rzsk2go1_1280

b) tumblr_mc20shwTWb1qdeo1ko1_500
(i.e., something backless/white and with a big bow!)

I do know where the first one is from, unfortunately it's also very much out of stock :(((
I'd be super happy and grateful if anyone knew of any lookalikes!

Major thanks in advance! xxx
2nd-Feb-2013 11:19 pmNo Subject.
I'm in desperate need of this song. I used to work at NEXT and we had this song on everyday for months and i never figured out who sang it.
sounds a lot like the killers but its not them.
Here are a few lyrics:

"if confidence crack (...) break yr back (.-..) dont fall for romance.
theres a crack in my confidence its in the shape of you.
linger for the good days."

thats it. does anyone know the name of the band or song?

thank you!
7th-Feb-2013 11:12 am - Shoes
Can anyone help me determine the brand or designer of these shoes?

I saw them on the Buffalo Jeans site and I am in love with them but I can't figure out the brand/designer. I have emailed Buffalo and asked their Facebook page. The only thing they've told me is that I can get them at Holt. I went to Holt and couldn't find them. I can't really ask any more questions because I have no idea who the designer is.


21st-Feb-2013 07:32 pm - SEARCHING FOR A SONG!
So I went to a bar in Edinburgh this past weekend (Frankensteins!) and a music video played that I had never heard before - which was strange because the DJ was playing mostly older stuff that was popular in America a few years ago. Of the 8-10 Americans I was with, no one knew what the song was or who the group was! It was toward the beginning of a long pub crawl so I don't remember much but I have to find this song!

It was a girl group (I'm assuming from the UK) and it was mostly set in a warehouse. There were five girls I believe - though I could be wrong. The video was really bright and colorful and the music was very dancey - it fit well with the rest of the dance hits. I think they might have been singing about a guy....I'm not sure. I've googled the hell out of this and can't find anything. PLEASE HELP!
4th-Mar-2013 10:52 pmNo Subject.
Who is this? I've been wondering for awhile since she keeps popping up on tumblr or random websites I frequent. Thanks Stalkers! ;)

11th-Mar-2013 10:58 pm - Help me?

Trying to find this ankle cuff.  Or something very similar. 0e00f4a9b743994a0874e5dd5039fbbf

19th-May-2013 12:44 pm - Icon credit
^So I've had this icon saved on my computer for years and now that I am using it again, I would like to give the proper credit. Does anyone recognize this icon or have any idea who made this? Or any clue as to how I could find out who made this icon?
22nd-May-2012 09:49 pmNo Subject.
Hey! In search for online purchase of Jelly shoes! not the 100 dollar marc jacobs or fancy ones. cheap ones. thanks!

23rd-May-2012 01:49 pm - GATSBY & ROONEY MARA
Looking for Gatsby/20s/art deco cocktail dresses like theseCollapse ). I'm not looking for day dresses or vintage "20s inspired" dresses from the 80s.

Also, could you guys help me find dresses not dissimilar to these rooney mara looksCollapse )

I need to be able to buy them online, and bonus points if they're not incredibly expensive.

25th-May-2012 09:35 pm - Any help would be appreciated!
Favorite ACTIVE makeup communities?
I'm currently looking for all pictures of Hannabeth whether it be old or new. Anyone know of any good photobuckets or sources to get them besides tumblr? It becomes a pain to scroll through everything and find originals to a lot of the pictures. Please help!
she was 'she-demon' on tumblr, and just disappeared/deactivated off the face of the earth, i used to be friends with her on tumblr, and pretty much wonder what happened and if she's alright. she's pretty much the most gorgeous girl in the universe, but besides that i miss her posts hah, any help is greatly appreciated ? thank you stalkers <3!


<img src="tumblr_lg0it4ilFy1qei1hvo1_400.jpg">

<img src="tumblr_ll8xy0ymAY1qei1hvo1_r1_500.jpg">

<img src="tumblr_lhwtwetXbh1qei1hvo1_500.jpg">
12th-Feb-2012 08:37 pm - Where can I find this shirt?
Or something like it?
Doesn't matter if it's long sleeve or not.
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13th-Feb-2012 10:01 am - bikini top

Anyone know where this bikini top is from?
13th-Feb-2012 03:07 pmNo Subject.
Aside from yesstyle, where can I find harem style sweatpants (online or in store)?
21st-Feb-2012 09:05 pm - max c london dress

this is THE cutest dress i've ever seen, but it's sold out in my size (us 4). i've looked everywhere i could think of for it, but i couldn't find it anywhere besides asos. if anyone could point me to something similar - a pleated dress with a peter pan collar - i'd be psyched!
Today I dyed my virgin medium ash blonde hair a strawberry blonde color & it came out a bright orange pinkish color. I followed the instructions perfectly, but it looks nothing like the color guide.

I just tried washing it with dishwashing soap and hotttt water to try and fade it a little, but i couldn't tell a difference at all.

Is there any remedy? I know I probably can't get it back to my virgin hair, but I want it back blonde preferably. I know there are things like color oops - could I use something like that tomorrow and dye it an ashy blonde over? Or should I just go to a salon even though I'm pretty sure they will have to bleach it - I am terrified of having my hair ruined - I have been growing it out for years.

I think the color even lifted my own color a little when I dyed it- does this mean it could just need toning to turn out a natural color?

Any advice at all is helpful - thank you.
10th-Feb-2012 02:53 pm - Help me identify this girl?

Photo under the cut.Collapse )

I love her hair, so even if you can't find her, can I get more photos of her hair?

10th-Feb-2012 12:52 pmNo Subject.
I'm desperately looking for a teal picture from like this one :


in 18 by 24 inches. I don't even know what to search for. I tried a little bit, but could only find small ones like this.
22nd-Feb-2012 01:58 pm - alison mosshart jacket
does anyone know where i can find something very similar (or exact) to alison mosshart's jacket/blazer?

pictures hereCollapse )
25th-Feb-2012 07:24 pmNo Subject.
Can anyone find out who the artist is of these drawings? Thank you in advance!!
22nd-Feb-2012 02:38 pm - Pink Lace
Hey girls, so if any of you have been watching Bad Girls Club season 8 lately, there's this one girl, I think her name is Demetra, I love her style!! I saw this shirt she wore in one of the first episodes it's a Pink and black laced striped shirt.. I need to find it or something similar asap.. can anyone help me out? Thankss

Here's a pic I found of her wearing the shirt :D TIA <3
23rd-Feb-2012 09:43 pmNo Subject.
Where can I get this shirt from Read more...Collapse )
25th-Feb-2012 03:23 am - american apparel top
does anyone know what this american apparel top/bodysuit is called? i can't find it on the website

27th-Feb-2012 08:45 pm - Who is this?
My friend is talking to this chick online with a brand new facebook it just seems sketchy to me, and I swear I've seen her pictures before, probably here on LJ years ago.

+++++Collapse )

1st-Mar-2012 10:55 pmNo Subject.
Does anyone know where I can get a pair of transparent/clear rainboots?

Reference Picture Under the CutCollapse )

3rd-Mar-2012 06:26 pm - Hello !!
Does anyone know where I can find this bag?? Thank you :) 

5th-Mar-2012 11:10 amNo Subject.
Where can I find them, or do you guys have any cutesy ideas for a 21st birthday party? I'm hiring out a function room for it, and I was going to do a Breakfast At Tiffany's theme, but I'm going cold on the idea. My friends aren't huge into costume-costumes, and things like 1920s, colour parties, masquerade parties, etc are too cliche for my taste, or have been done by people I know recently.

Help :(!
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