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Hello! I asked this question at thequestionclub, and… 
11th-Feb-2012 12:16 am

I asked this question at thequestionclub, and jejuneraccoon suggested that I post this here as well:

Does anyone know the name of the company that made this stuffed rabbit? I've tried looking around, but to no avail.
I'd like to get a smaller version of this bunny, if it's possible, because I don't have the room for something that big. I figured that, if I were able to look up the company's website, I might be able to find a smaller version of the bunny, or I might find something else that I like just as much.

Thanks for your help!

~ Syd
26th-May-2012 05:23 am (UTC)
It's the Bashful Bunny from Jellycat.


Or at least it looks like it to me..

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