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tried to go red from blonde = orange/pink :( help!!!  
17th-Feb-2012 12:02 am
Today I dyed my virgin medium ash blonde hair a strawberry blonde color & it came out a bright orange pinkish color. I followed the instructions perfectly, but it looks nothing like the color guide.

I just tried washing it with dishwashing soap and hotttt water to try and fade it a little, but i couldn't tell a difference at all.

Is there any remedy? I know I probably can't get it back to my virgin hair, but I want it back blonde preferably. I know there are things like color oops - could I use something like that tomorrow and dye it an ashy blonde over? Or should I just go to a salon even though I'm pretty sure they will have to bleach it - I am terrified of having my hair ruined - I have been growing it out for years.

I think the color even lifted my own color a little when I dyed it- does this mean it could just need toning to turn out a natural color?

Any advice at all is helpful - thank you.
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